About Project Impact.

We're partnering with organizations who want to improve their website and mobile app strategy so they can scale the good they're doing in the world and raise more support.

In 2017, I listened to a TED Talk by Dan Pallotta titled, The Way we think about charity is dead wrong.

And it got me thinking, "Why not do work that's for-profit and for the social good?"

I couldn't find a reason.

A few years later, I finally decided to pull the trigger through the work we’re doing as a company at Chiedo Labs.

My team and I were at a brand workshop to clarify what work we were the most excited about.

And across the board, it was the work that was making a positive impact in the world.

At Chiedo Labs, we’ve built a lot of websites and a lot of apps. But we're always most passionate when we know our code is improving lives.

So we’re testing a theory.

We believe that we can build an international for-profit business that exists to empower social impact organizations so they can innovate like the tech companies.

We believe that when social impact organizations learn how to innovate like the tech companies, they'll be able to scale the work they do and exponentially increase their impact and supporters.

While technology has been a huge factor in many of the issues we face in today's society, we believe we can use it for good.

So we're looking for more social impact organizations to work with.

We're looking for the social impact organizations who want to scale and are open to pushing the boundaries with a new website or mobile app strategy.

We want to work with you and make your passion our passion.

Together, we can change the world.

Schedule a call for some free consulting and we'll talk about the issues you're facing, your wishlist, some patterns we've noticed in impact organizations, and approaches to scale your impact.

- Chiedo
Founder and CEO of Chiedo Labs